How To Maintain Plantation Shutters

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When styling your home’s interior, you may be planning to accent your windows with indoor shutters. Shutters are available in a variety of styles and materials. Among the most popular for indoor window accents are plantation shutters. Plantation shutters lend an uplifting and charming effect to any room in the home. Colorado Shade and Shutter

How Plantation Shutters Add Charm to Any Home

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Interior style can be tricky. Color, texture, lighting, and regional culture all collectively influence the total style of your home while your personal touches--knicknacks, accent rugs, wall art, and window coverings--serve to express your individuality. At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we take pride in keeping current with the cutting-edge, in-home interior while also offering shade

Most Popular Interior Shutters to Make Your Windows Pop

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At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we provide a large assortment of shutter styles for windows of all shapes, sizes, and designs. No matter the type of structure (commercial or residential) or the unique interior style of the room, we provide options that can appropriately accent your windows and provide much-needed shade. Our professional designers have

Updating The Look Of Your Shades And Shutters

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If you are unsure how to make your home look up-to-date, you may need to look no further than treating your exterior with a new coat of paint or stain. Siding can often be treated or painted easily enough, but if that isn’t enough to spruce up your home, painting shutters can make them look

Keeping Your Windows Looking Clean

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Window cleaning is easily one of the most time consuming and tedious chores in the home.  But, unfortunately, your windows aren’t the only thing that grow dirty and dusty over time, your shades, shutters, and screens also need a good cleaning every so often.  If you have ever tried to clean your blinds, you know

Transform your home with shades and shutters

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Window placement is a crucial part of any home or building design.  They will determine where, when, and how much light enters a space.  They design phase of any building is crucial because once the windows are built in, it is extremely costly and difficult to make any changes to your windows.  However, you can

Why Lighting In Your Home Is Important

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Lighten Your Life? Light has a powerful influence on all life.  It allows plants to grow, eyes to see, and can have a profound effect on how we feel.  The look of a room can depend on the presence or absence of light, and how it is filtered into the space.  Entire professions focus on

Motorized Shades and Shutters for Your Modern Home

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In the 21st century, automation is becoming the standard in everything from cars to communications to homes. We can tell our tv to play our favorite song or use our cell phones to have food delivered as we arrive home. Why not automate your window treatments so that you can adjust your environment without running

Eco-Friendly Shades and Shutters

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The last few decades have seen a major rise in eco-consciousness.  It is both fashionable and ethical to pay careful attention to how companies source the products they are offering.  We know now that our planet’s resources are finite and that long term effects of industry and supply chains can be significant.  At Colorado Shade