What Are Norman Shutters & How Can They Accent Your Home?

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We have spent a good deal of time here at Colorado Shade & Shutter informing our customers about all of the options available to them for home lighting solutions. These discussions tend to center around different types of blinds, shutters and window treatments; different costs and materials; interior design options; and seasonal changes. To take

Benefits of Living Room Window Shutters for Halloween

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It is that time of the year again when the leaves are falling, pumpkins are out and things are taking a spooky turn. If you are looking to add a little Halloween spirit to your home this fall, consider a change of interior lighting from Colorado Shade and Shutter. Our wide selection of blinds and

Customize Your Lighting Experience With Plantation Shutters

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If you are someone who likes to think about home decor from a standpoint of lighting, there are few better options than plantation shutters for the inside of your home. We always recommend these shutters to our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter as a quick and easy way to customize both the exterior and

Add Elegance To Your Home With Custom-Built Plantation Shutters

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There are times when standard, one-size fits all blinds and shutters right from the factory simply are not going to ‘fit’ the bill—literally. Plenty of our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter know that plantation blinds are a great option for many different areas inside the home, but what about those special jobs? If you

Keeping Your Air Conditioning Costs Down With Plantation Shutters

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It's that time of the year again when the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, inside and outside. Summertime means that plenty of our clients at Colorado Shade and Shutter are looking for new ways to keep the inside of their homes and apartments cool during the long days. One of the best and

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Plantation Shutters

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One positive take away from the difficult year caused by COVID-19 has been the extra time homeowners have had to improve their properties. With many people working from home or moving to a new location during the pandemic, home improvement projects of all kinds have been on the rise. In many cases, simple changes can

Creating the Perfect Lighting In Your Home with Plantation Shutters

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When it comes to choosing the right blinds for the right room in your home, there are many different factors to consider. Style, function, lifespan, brands and prices are all going to come into play when you are looking at new lighting solutions. Because they fit nicely into many of these categories, plantation shutters have

Enhancing Your Home Office with Plantation Shutters

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Whether you’re working from home full time or you use your home office for a side job or to complete tasks you didn’t complete at your day office, it’s important to create an environment that supports productivity. Plantation shutters can help you do just that. These shutters offer various benefits for home offices.  Greater privacy 

Plantation Shutters & Home Security

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Many consumers love the look of plantation shutters. However, you may not realize that these shutters are more than a decorative accent. Plantation shutters help add an extra layer of security to your home. We all want to keep our homes and families as safe as possible; plantation shutters are an attractive way to get

How to Ramp Up Your Home Decor with Plantation Shutters

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  Colorado Shade and Shutter is the area’s most versatile retailer of interior custom shutters, and our style experts know exactly how to accessorize a wide variety of window styles. Our popular plantation shutters are both fashionable and functional, and are offered in a variety of material types, styles and colors. In this article, we’ve