We often tend to think about shutters, blinds and other window treatments from a standpoint of interior decorating. They are features that help improve the look and feel of rooms in our homes. But sometimes we forget that these treatments can also make great long-term investments. Quality plantation shutters from trusted brands like Norman offer real value long after they are installed, and here are three reasons why.


We always tell our clients at Colorado Shade and Shutter the same thing about plantation shutters­: Classic never goes out of style. You can see photos of elegant homes from 100 years ago that have the same beautiful plantation shutters you see installed in homes today. A good analogy is hardwood floors. Sure there are certain applications for carpet or tile or another flooring material, but natural hardwood floors are a classic design element that do not go out of style. Plantation shutters are the same way, and not coincidentally, they come in a wide range of beautiful hardwoods. There is no better investment than classic and timeless design like you find from Norman plantation shutters.


Part of what makes a good investment for the inside of your home is versatility. In order for something to hold its value over time, it needs to be useful for more than one application or cater to more than one person’s taste. Norman plantation shutters offer versatility in spades. These shutters can be refinished, re-stained or repainted easily. If you are selling your home, a prospective buyer might want to repaint a room. Chances are they will want a different color on the plantation shutters to go along with the change, but they aren’t likely to just toss them like they would a cheap set of blinds. And of course, you may want to take advantage of refinishing or repainting them yourself at some point in the future.


We want to work with brands that are going to stand the test of time, and Norman leads the market in durability. Plantation shutters from Norman are crafted to resist damage, made from the best available materials, and offer great warranty options. A key part of making good investments in your home is choosing products that will still be in working order in five, ten, twenty years. Look no farther than a set of new Norman plantation shutters.