At Colorado Shade and Shutter we don’t just want to help our customers find the right lighting solutions for their homes, we also want to make sure that the products we provide will offer benefits for years to come. When it comes to retaining and adding value down the road, there is no better choice than plantation shutters by Norman. Here are three ways these beautiful shutters will pay you back after installation and help bolster the value of your home. 


We all want to do our best to focus on environmentally friendly additions to our homes, and Norman plantation shutters fit that bill perfectly. Each of the wide range of styles available are installed precisely by our expert staff to ensure that hot air stays in during the winter and cold drafts stay out during the summer. These plantation shutters are made of the highest quality hardwood or composite materials, and feature excellent louvers designed to limit contraction and expansion over their lifetime. This means that you can expect the same snug fit to your windows in ten or twenty years time, aiding the energy efficiency of your home.


One way to think about renovations or additions to your home is through real estate value. There may be changes that you personally would like to make for your own needs, but those don’t always translate to value for someone who may be interested in buying your home down the road. The great thing about Norman plantation shutters is that they have real staying power over time. Not only are these shutters a timeless design from a trusted manufacturer, they are also easy to repaint or refinish if you decide to sell your home. More likely than not, a new buyer will want to keep a quality item like that in place, opting to change paint colors perhaps, rather than install new blinds or shutters. Norman products are an investment that future buyers will want to keep for themselves. 


Homes are becoming smarter and smarter by the day, whether that means new security systems or integrated entertainment. Norman has taken time to position its products nicely in the “smart home” trend, and incorporates modern features like PerfectTilt hands-free controls and remote access. Combining classic designs with digital accessibility means that Norman products can integrate seamlessly into other smart features of your home. If you or a future owner wants to control lighting from the comfort of a smartphone, Norman products are a great bet.