We have spent a good deal of time here at Colorado Shade & Shutter informing our customers about all of the options available to them for home lighting solutions. These discussions tend to center around different types of blinds, shutters and window treatments; different costs and materials; interior design options; and seasonal changes. To take a different tack, today we wanted to look at a specific brand with a long record of success. Norman is a fantastic manufacturer that we are happy to have partnered with for many years, so let’s take a look at why they might be a good choice for your next project.
Norman is newly headquartered in La Palma, California, and is one of the industry’s most trusted companies for high-quality and innovative products. Basing their production in both Texas and across the border in Mexico, Norman emphasizes quality control by stressing the importance of vertical integration, handling each piece of every product from the ground up to ensure customer satisfaction. 40 years in the industry means that Norman has an established reputation for not only quality, but great warranty coverage and customer service feedback. Our experience as a certified Norman dealer has been incredible, and our customers can attest to that.
Norman’s integration means that their blinds, shutters and window treatments are built to last. There is no skimping on the quality of small components like you might find with other brands. Only the highest quality of natural hardwoods, composite components, fabrics, and finishing materials are used. The variety of top-flight materials to choose from is hard to beat.
It might not seem necessary to reinvent the wheel for something as simple as a set of plantation shutters, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Norman products use innovative yet simple features such as PrecisionLift Cordless controls for blinds, SmartRise Cordless lifts for safe self-leveling shades, and advanced lighting control through the PerfectTilt monitoring app. If automated lighting changes at the touch of a button are on your list, Norman features are hard to beat. Other features like SmartPrivacy technology in Norman blinds mean that you can rest assured that the outside world stays just that-outside.
This is a topic that might fly under the radar, but probably shouldn’t. Norman lighting solutions are rated “Best for Kids” by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association. Blinds and shutters often come with cords or style accenting fabrics which can be a target for little ones around the house. The good news is that Norman has thought ahead of these issues, and manufactures all of its products with childhood safety in mind, so you can rest easy. When cords are necessary, Norman products use interior lines that cannot wrap and cause issues.