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Why Interior Shutters Are The Best Option For French Doors

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At Colorado Shade and Shutter, our main goal is finding beautiful and innovative ways to bring natural light into our client’s homes. Plantation shutters are one of our go-to options to achieve this, thanks to their classic design, durable materials, and wide range of options. While these shutters can find their way into nearly any

Choosing Control Options For Your Plantation Shutters

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The plantation shutters that we are able to offer our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter offer an incredible range of options. In addition to all of our available materials, finishes, brands and styles our shutters are also available with many different control options. Let’s take a look at a few of the different alternatives

Unconventional Shutter Placements That Bring Your Home To Life

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A lot of the folks that we work with at Colorado Shade & Shutter are interested in lighting solutions for windows of a standard shape and size. For these customers, we have a host of great options that can really make a decorative and functional difference for your everyday windows. However, many of the shutters

Wood or Poly Plantation Shutters. Which Should You Choose & Why?

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One of the biggest choices to make when purchasing plantation shutters is material. Not just color and styling, but what type of physical material would you like for your louvers? We have a lot of great options available at Colorado Shade and Shutter, but the question often comes down to wood vs. polymer. If you

What To Know When Cleaning Your Plantation Shutters

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We recommend plantation shutters to our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter for a lot of great reasons. They offer a classic and timeless design, are available in a wide range of materials, can adapt to any decorating style, are durable, and made by some of the best brands in America like Norman. However, plantation

Norman Shutters: What Sets Them Apart?

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When our team members at Colorado Shade and Shutter are speaking to clients about different window treatments, we always make sure to emphasize the importance of quality brands. A great set of shutters is only as good as the brand that makes them. What use is a beautiful addition to the inside of your home

Why Norman Plantation Shutters Are A Great Investment For Your Home

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We often tend to think about shutters, blinds and other window treatments from a standpoint of interior decorating. They are features that help improve the look and feel of rooms in our homes. But sometimes we forget that these treatments can also make great long-term investments. Quality plantation shutters from trusted brands like Norman offer

Keeping Your Plantation Shutters Beautiful: 3 Must-Know Cleaning Tips

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We put so much time and effort into buying and installing the window treatments that really work well for our homes, that sometimes maintenance can fall by the wayside. Classic treatments, especially larger louvers like you find on plantation shutters, do require some TLC to keep them looking great and working well. As a quick

Inspiring Holiday Norman Shutters Designs for your Home

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We recommend Norman products to our clients at Colorado Shade and Shutter for a lot of great reasons. Norman offers unparalleled quality across a huge range of different window treatments, and their designs incorporate innovative technology and safety features that make them an easy choice. Norman products are also a great choice for these snowy