When our team members at Colorado Shade and Shutter are speaking to clients about different window treatments, we always make sure to emphasize the importance of quality brands. A great set of shutters is only as good as the brand that makes them. What use is a beautiful addition to the inside of your home if you are going to have to replace them in two years time, or if they don’t offer a great warranty? Time and again we have turned to a leader in the industry-Norman USA-for the highest quality products. There are plenty of different brands available on the market today, but here are three reasons to consider Norman for your next pair of shutters.


Plenty of different industries learned a tough lesson during COVID-19, that supply chains aren’t bulletproof. Basic construction materials and plenty of home renovation items suffered from increased lead times and higher prices during the pandemic. Norman is the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the business, which has really helped customers over the last few years. Rather than relying on subcontractors to provide materials, Norman products are built through an in-house manufacturing process that ensures both quality and availability. This means shorter wait times, even for custom shutters.


Today’s marketplace demands an increased range of options for customers. Norman remains ahead of this curve when it comes to materials, finishes, textures, colors, movements and materials for its shades and shutters. Whether you are doing your own additions or working with a decorator, the options available from Norman are sure to suit your needs. This versatility extends beyond normal rectangular windows and into unique interior spaces as well. Bay windows, quarter circles, and ovals can all be fit with Norman products designed especially for these areas. Bypass shutters are a great fit for sliding doors, and floor-to-ceiling bi-fold shutters can fit similar entryways and larger areas.


Homes are getting smarter and greener, and Norman is a brand that is moving right along with these trends. PerfectTitle G4 Motorization means that you can easily control all of the Norman shutters in your home for easy opening and closing at the click of the button. InvisibleTilt lets you manually adjust louvers without traditional control rods, and Norman’s proprietary prescription wood coating reduces expansion and shrinking of beautiful hardwoods. These excellent features are all combined with unparalleled construction and installation quality, in addition to environmental and safety features that other brands simply cannot offer.