Modern homeowners are continuing to look for new and exciting ways to bring digital, automated technology to bear in everyday life. Features that were once thought to be completely futuristic, attainable only by the likes of Bill Gates, are now commonplace. This trend includes home robots that clean floors, smart alarm systems and digital doorbells, and automated refrigerators that tell us when we are running low on yogurt. At Colorado Shade and Shutter we have closely followed the improvements that modern technology is bringing to the world of blinds, shutters and curtains. Now is a great time to look at bringing your window treatments into the 21st Century, so let’s take a look at a few reasons why motorized blinds might be right for you.


As we just mentioned, the push towards digital automation is happening across all parts of the modern home, not just security systems or cleaning products. This is opening up a lot of potential for integration of these systems, many of which can be controlled via apps on a smartphone. When motorized window treatments were first introduced, they could only be controlled by chunky remotes like you would use for a TV. Remotes of course get lost, break, and run out of battery. As this technology has gotten sleeker, it has decentralized, meaning that now modern blinds can be controlled just by using your phone. This means that you can integrate control over your blinds with things like your thermostat or your home security system. With the push towards automation taking place across so many different domains, now is a great time to bring your window treatments into the fold.

Simplicity of Motorized Blinds

One of the most obvious reasons to switch to motorized blinds is simply put—simplicity. The latest motorized systems are sleek and fit seamlessly into any area of your home. This includes everything from small oval windows above doors, to large bay windows or patio openings. Motorization means no more fiddling with cords or rods to move louvers at different times of the day. Let the convenience of modern automation simplify adding beautiful natural light to your home.

Smart Movement

Taking simplicity one-step further, motorized window treatments can do a lot of the work for you. Before the days of automation, you might find yourself going from room-to-room during sunset in order to change the lighting in a particular area of your home. With changes in cloud cover or sunlight, you might do the same thing depending on the weather. The modern motorized blinds available from Colorado Shade & Shutter can be programmed to do all of that thinking and work for you. This means that they can lift when you want more natural light, and fall when it comes time to save energy. The applications available for these blinds allow for timed opening and closing, or they can be set to react to environmental factors like weather or temperature. In addition to simplifying your life when you are at home, these features also open up a whole new world of possibilities via remote access when you are away.

Motorized Blinds Create Safe & Secure Homes

As we mentioned with our discussion of integration, the home owners of today put a high priority on integrating the smart systems that they implement. A great feature of motorized blinds is how they can be fitted into security systems and improve your privacy. When you are away, feel free to set your blinds to close at the same time that your automated security lights turn on. If you would like some added privacy while hosting an event, you can feel free to close your blinds at the touch of a button. If you notice that someone is looking around your property on your smart doorbell, you can open or close blinds to deter them snooping around. The options for improving the safety and security of your home are endless in this day and age, and motorized blinds are a quick and easy feature to integrate into any modern system.

Hands Free Options

Before motorization was common, we were pretty much limited to putting blinds on windows that we could easily reach. After all, what is the point of putting blinds on a window that you need a ladder to get to? That has all changed with automation. Now you can install beautiful window treatments in any area of your house, without having to worry about being able to reach cords or rods. This opens up a new world of design, and allows you to think about bringing in and controlling natural light in wholefully new ways. Hands-free use is also an important option for the elderly or the differently abled. Give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss what motorized blinds can do for you.