There are a lot of different ways to approach adding value to your home, both large and small. Not every improvement project has to take the form of a massive addition, an inground pool, or a new garage. There are plenty of ways to bolster your property values at smaller scales. One of the things that we continue to recommend to our clients at Colorado Shade & Shutter is to think about long-term window treatment options that stand the test of time. More often than not, the best option for homeowners is plantation shutters. Let’s take a look at how these shutters can help improve the value of your home, and some of the different options that are available from our trusted brands.


When you start to think about adding value to your home, it can be helpful to think from a different perspective— that of a home buyer. When you were shopping for a new home, what were you likely to keep? What were you likely to renovate or remodel? What features were you likely to replace? If we apply this sort of thinking to window treatments, there are a lot of obvious advantages to plantation shutters. These shutters are durable interior design features that are not disposable items. If you move into a new home with low-cost cloth blinds or curtains, there is a good chance that you are going to want to get rid of them for something of your own choosing. Cheaper window treatments age quicker, they change styles more frequently, they are often ripped or torn, etc. When looking at a new home, a savvy buyer is likely going to figure out the cost of replacing these less-durable lighting features. However, sturdy and elegant plantation shutters are likely going to stick around regardless of who owns the home. These shutters can stand the test of time, and with regular maintenance and the occasional repair, it is not unusual for them to have a lifespan of five decades or more. Their durability is a surefire way to improve the value of your home.


Closely related to the durability of plantation shutters are the warranties that are often offered by some of our premier manufacturing brands. Again, lower-cost blinds and curtains are not likely to offer long-term warranties to protect against wear and tear. Because plantation shutters go through a traditional manufacturing process and use resilient materials like natural hardwoods, they often include robust warranties. This is another feature that homebuyers are going to find appealing. If they know that the shutters in their new home are warrantied against warping or discoloration, that is a positive sign. Feel free to give our team at Colorado Shade & Shutter a call or email us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss the warranties and guarantees available from our trusted manufacturers.


It is a given that when a house is sold, the buyers are going to want to make some changes. These could be large or small renovations, but certain interior design elements are likely to stand the test of time more than others. That shag carpet or leopard print wallpaper is probably going in the trash. One of the best features of plantation shutters is their design versatility. They can be painted or varnished to match new interior paint, decorating, or wallpaper. Hardwood louvers are a classic design element that, much like hardwood floors, are probably going to appeal to prospective homebuyers. Their design versatility and durability are going to be noticed by home appraisers as well.


Getting down to the more nuts-and-bolts discussion of home value, plantation shutters are a great energy efficient option. We only have to look at the increase in natural gas prices over the last year to know that energy is becoming a greater concern for homeowners. When properly fitted to your windows, the large louvers of these shutters do an exceptional job of keeping cold air out (or in) your home during winter and summer. Appraisers and prospective homebuyers know that when they see plantation shutters installed on large windows, they won’t have to worry about drafts. Many of the great brands we are able to offer at Colorado Shade & Shutter, such as Norman, incorporate the most modern energy efficient features.


You can put a price on many things, but what about security? Features that make your home safer often come at no compromise, and plantation shutters do exactly that. Heavy wood or composite louvers protect your home at some of its most vulnerable entry points, and deter intruders. Safety and value go hand-in-hand these days, so consider a set of plantation shutters at your home’s entryways. These won’t just give you a piece of mind far into the future, they will also add significant value to your home.