Window cleaning is easily one of the most time consuming and tedious chores in the home.  But, unfortunately, your windows aren’t the only thing that grow dirty and dusty over time, your shades, shutters, and screens also need a good cleaning every so often. 

If you have ever tried to clean your blinds, you know how frustrating it can be.  Forty flimsy slats that you can only easily access from one side, that push away from you as you try to clean them.  The space between them doesn’t lend itself to easy cleaning either, and it typically comes down to using a cloth with just your fingers to reach the nitty gritty in between.  Shutters and screens, on the other hand, are much easier to handle and much easier to clean.

Shades and screens are typically made of fabric, and are therefore much more pliable than blinds.  They are easy to manipulate to clean both sides, and often come as one continuous piece of fabric that is extremely easy to dust off in no time.

Shutters are also easier to work with, as they offer a rigidity that makes handling them very straightforward.  Plantation shutters typically have wide slats that leave gaps big enough to clean with dusting tools that require less elbow grease and less time.  Because they open and close fully, you can easily access both sides and keep the slats and the panes just where you want them as you clean.

A few tips to clean your shades and shutters more easily:

  • If you don’t want to invest in special dusting equipment, a clean paintbrush can be a great aid in gently dusting your window treatments, or applying cleaning solution when necessary.
  • Use socks as dusting gloves to quickly wipe down your blinds and shades easily.
  • Rub a cloth dryer sheet on both sides of your shades and shutters to reduce cling. This won’t prevent dust from building up, but it will slow it down some.

Window cleaning is an unpleasant task that is, unfortunately, necessary to keep your home looking its best from outside and inside.  If you find yourself putting up with more grime than necessary, it may be time to look into shades or shutters that won’t present such a tedious and time consuming chore every time you clean them.  The more easily you can clean your shades and shutters, the more you and your guests will enjoy the ambiance they provide.