Window placement is a crucial part of any home or building design.  They will determine where, when, and how much light enters a space.  They design phase of any building is crucial because once the windows are built in, it is extremely costly and difficult to make any changes to your windows.  However, you can always update and change your shades and shutters for a new look for your windows and your home.

Windows are clearly an important part of exterior design.  Their size, shape, and symmetry are major features that really stand out on the exterior of a home or building.  But windows can be an equally potent interior design element.  Light is extremely important, of course, to the feel and quality of any interior space.  But the additional components you add to your windows can be artistic features of any room in their own right.

It’s not too hard to imagine a time when window treatments were luxurious decorations.  Rich curtains were common in the wealthiest households and offices, and were used not only for their function but also to add color and texture to rooms.  You need only look at historical buildings, artwork, and museums to see examples of these rich fabrics that hung floor to ceiling at times or draped elegantly across curtain rods.  This may seem like and outdated way to furnish your home these days, but that doesn’t mean your window treatments shouldn’t still make a statement.

At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we don’t want your windows to disappear into the background, whether they are shaded or not.  We want to help you make a statement in every room with our shades and shutters, helping your windows stand out and really contribute to the ambience no matter what amount of light you want to let in.

Plantation shutters are one way to make a great design statement.  They can look elegant yet rustic with solid construction and a definite presence from the inside and outside of your home.  Shades are another great option that may surprise you and any guests in your home.  The shades we offer at Colorado Shade and Shutter are not your grandmother’s shades: their form, customizable appearance, and totally new mounting style make them not only an effective way to keep out heat and excessive light, they add a modern design element.  Check out our catalog for some inspiration and see how shades can cover varying parts of each window depending on the time of day or your mood to totally change the look of your home and make it look sleeker and more modern than ever. 

You may be stuck with the windows you have, but you don’t need to be stuck with the way they make your rooms look.  Whether its shades, blinds, or shutters, modern window treatments can give your home a fresh new look.  A classic decor scheme or a modern environment can all be implemented based on how you decide to adorn your windows, not to mention the utility of light and temperature control.