The last few decades have seen a major rise in eco-consciousness.  It is both fashionable and ethical to pay careful attention to how companies source the products they are offering.  We know now that our planet’s resources are finite and that long term effects of industry and supply chains can be significant.  At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we take our commitment to the earth seriously and want to provide eco-conscious consumers with equal quality products.  You shouldn’t have to choose between your conscience and your style, and with us you don’t.


Modern shutters are made from lightweight and durable materials for longevity and beauty, though the most common material is historically wood.  Modern design takes advantage of developments in engineered materials to provide wood alternatives that look and behave like wood, or better. These can withstand severe temperature swings without showing any of the degradation that a lower quality wood may be subject to.  But if you want to stick with a classic, you can rest easy knowing that all of our woods are carefully sourced.


We love trees and forests, that’s why our SmartWood comes from managed forests. This ensures that a healthy ecosystem remains behind as we harvest materials. Although our wood comes from some of the best-managed timber production operations in the world, we understand if it still gives you some pause. This is why we offer composite woods, made from recycled scraps, so you don’t have to worry about cutting down a new tree for the wooden shutters you have been dreaming of.


When it comes to home cooling, shades and shutters are without doubt the eco-friendly option.  Don’t waste precious energy and money by blasting your air conditioning if some well-placed and stylish shading can provide much of the cooling that you need.  Open your plantation shutters to let in the light and air on a cool morning, and shut them to block out the hot sun on a sweltering afternoon. Or find a good middle ground using our operable louvers on our plantation shutters.


We love our home state, Colorado. We do what we can to bring you the best products for you and for Colorado.  We know our climate well, and we know blinds and shutters, so we want to work with you to find the right option for your home design, for your budget, and for your beliefs.  Maybe that means some sheer privacy shades, or maybe some of our hardwood options to bring you the beauty and comfort that operable louvered blinds bring. Maybe it means using a new hybrid engineered material for a new set of plantation shutters to complete your house’s look and temperature control.  Whatever is right for you and your house, we have the selection, expertise, and care to make your ideas reality.