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Plantation Shutters: A Brief History

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Plantation shutters tend to evoke an image of the American South, a time when plantations represented wealth and power and their owners controlled the political and cultural landscape. Yet, though these iconic window treatments are named for this controversial institution, their history goes back much further beyond even the founding of the United States. The

Elegant Window Treatments without Sacrificing Privacy

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Window dressings are one of those decor elements that may not cross your mind when you’re planning your interior design, but they can dictate the whole feel of a room. Windows determine the presence of natural light and can direct the flow of air and energy through your home. They can also expose a bit

Add Beauty to Your Home with Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are popular blinds with uniquely large slats. These larger louvers provide more control over the amount of sunlight that is let in and can help in keeping out the cold. Their unique beauty also adds to the décor of each room. Why Plantation Shutters In addition to being practical and affordable, plantation shutters

Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Winter

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That time of year is coming. You know the time I’m talking about - winter. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and you are beginning to wonder how to keep your family warm this winter, without spending a fortune on heating. Windows are a huge factor when it comes to heat loss

5 Design Eyesores In The Home & How To Fix Them

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Decorating your home comes with a significant challenge: covering or disguising certain eyesores that every home contains. These common eyesores make your home look messy or dated. However, with a little effort, you can transform these common problem areas. Hooray!  Take a look at these handy fixes to some of the most common trouble areas

4 Reasons Homeowners & Designers Love Plantation Shutters

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When is the last time you changed the curtains in the family room or den? Plantation shutters are an excellent solution for sprucing up your home. They not only bring a great deal of beauty into a drab room, but they also help bring the sunlight in just enough to help regulate your home environment.

How to Properly Measure for Plantation Shutters

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So you've decided to have plantation shutters installed in your home. That's a very stylish and elegant choice! Plantation shutters offer many benefits, including added privacy.  However, taking the right measurements is key to a successful shutter installation. If this is your first time, you may be confused about the process. Don't worry this guide