At Colorado Shade and Shutter, our main goal is to find beautiful and innovative ways to bring natural light into our client’s homes. Plantation shutters are one of our go-to options to achieve this, thanks to their classic design, durable materials, and wide range of options. While these shutters can find their way into nearly any area of your living space, entryways are a very intriguing option. If there are french doors or windows in your home, consider plantation shutters as a great way to accentuate these already impressive design features.


When we say a french door (or sometimes a french window) we are usually talking about framed double or single doors with window panels set in the interior. Two pairs of these doors together are typically referred to as a french window, which generally does not have a central frame running down the middle. Many of our customers have had these doors in their homes for some time, but have simply neglected to consider window treatment options. As large sources of natural light and entryways, they are ideal for plantation shutters.


For starters, adding plantation shutters to your french doors is a quick and easy security upgrade. Many of our plantation shutters are made from natural hardwoods or heavy composite materials, making them a great two-way barrier for ground-floor windows. Not only will plantation shutters add security for any intruders looking to make their way through your french doors, they will also protect the windows from the inside if you have children at home.


Hand-in-hand with security is privacy. With so many french doors and windows being located on ground-floor entryways, privacy is a concern. With the quick flick of a tilt rod, you can easily close your plantation blinds on all or of a french door, or simply the bottom half. This will give you peace of mind that no unwanted eyes can see inside your home, without sacrificing beautiful natural light.


A lot of french doors and windows are built with unique glass panes that offer wonderful interior design elements. The addition of plantation shutters can really take these spaces to the next level. If your french doors are framed with wooden accents or matched to interior walls, then plantation shutters can easily be ordered in custom colors and finishes to match. These new color schemes, when combined with natural light, can really make these special areas pop.