The plantation shutters that we are able to offer our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter offer an incredible range of options. In addition to all of our available materials, finishes, brands and styles our shutters are also available with many different control options. Let’s take a look at a few of the different alternatives to help you make the right choice with your next window treatment.


In today’s modern world, there aren’t many things that we can’t control from our fingertips. Plantation shutters are no different, and motorization can be built into many of the great products that we offer from trusted brands like Norman and Hunter Douglas. This could mean opening and closing your shutters using a simple application on your phone, or an easy-to-use remote. Motorization also makes it easy to set a schedule that will give your home just the right amount of interior light and privacy at all times of the day and during all seasons. If you want to take the installation of your plantation shutters to the next level, consider easy one-touch control options.


Tilt rods are the most common control option for plantation shutters. These are most often fit to the front side of each set of louvers, giving you easy access. Depending on the design application, front-side rods can take away from the minimalist classic feel of these shutters. If you are interested in bringing a cleaner look to your next window treatment, consider installing rear tilt rods that are tucked just behind the trailing edge of the louvers. These control surfaces give you all the ease-of-use of front-side rods, but can really make a big difference in the appearance of your windows.


As we just mentioned with rear tilt rods, certain areas of your home might do better with control surfaces that are different from traditional rods. For areas of your home that are in need of more privacy, split rods are a great option. In most cases, split rods will be divided between the top and bottom louvers, meaning that you are able to change the angle in four sections of the window rather than just the normal two. This means that it is easy to keep your bottom shutters closed for increased privacy, while still letting in beautiful natural light from the top. Beyond just the privacy options, split rods also give you significantly more lighting options. This increased versatility can be great during transition periods like sunrise and sunset.