A lot of the folks that we work with at Colorado Shade & Shutter are interested in lighting solutions for windows of a standard shape and size. For these customers, we have a host of great options that can really make a decorative and functional difference for your everyday windows. However, many of the shutters that we offer are a great fit for some more interesting applications. Plantation shutters in particular, with their versatility, can fit almost anywhere and really bring something special to different locations. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting applications.


Unlike our regular old interior windows, doorways are not an obvious choice for plantation shutters. But they should be! Doorways are one of the more variable features of individual homes. They come in a range of sizes and often have uniquely sized or shaped windows that give them character. Plantation shutters are a great fit above and beside doorways, especially because they are so easy to open and close to get a view of the outside. Transom windows, which are found at the top of doors over the crosspiece, are often curved, square, triangular or asymmetrical. Adding plantation shutters to your transom can add a splash of decorative flair from both the inside and outside.


Areas of your home that are open to the outside are another nontraditional place for plantation shutters. Your patio, porch, or outdoor dining area is a great place to think about adding shutters that aren’t just installed on regular square or rectangular windows. Here we may look at affixing them to exterior walls or large sliding glass doors to give your outdoor areas a classic sense of style. You may not get the utility of indoor installations in terms of regulating light and airflow, but this is a great way to have continuity of your window treatments across different spaces.


You can find beautiful round windows in a lot of homes these days, you may even have one as a transom window. Some of these windows may already have existing wooden crossmembers or other ornamental flairs, but circular plantation shutters are another great way to add a sense of presence to porthole windows. This application is a must-have for beach or lake houses, and anything with a nautical theme. As always, our staff at Colorado Shade & Shutter is happy to offer you great deals on installation for all of our products, so give us a call today if you think one of these special applications is right for you.