If you are someone who likes to think about home decor from a standpoint of lighting, there are few better options than plantation shutters for the inside of your home. We always recommend these shutters to our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter as a quick and easy way to customize both the exterior and interior lighting of your home or apartment. Let’s take a look at four key ways plantation shutters can make a difference for you.


Plantation shutters have been popular for decades and decades and will likely stay that way well into the future. One of the reasons for that is their ease of use when it comes to controlling natural lighting. While these shutters are offered in a range of sizes, materials and styles, they are all easily controlled. The louver panels can be easily shifted between fully open, to fully closed, to any point in between. This offers you great versatility to adjust the natural light entering interior spaces at the flip of a wrist.


One of the biggest challenges to building a warm and inviting interior lighting design is time. At different points in the day and at different points of the year, the sun is going to send light into your home at different angles. Here, the range of adjustments between fully open and fully closed are going to make plantation shutters a great fit. The adjustability means that you can check how much light you want to enter in the summer versus the winter, or in the mornings versus the evenings. When you can make those easy changes on your shutters, you won’t have to worry about moving more permanent fixtures like lamps.


Of course, much of the focus on home lighting is going to come on interior spaces, but let’s not forget about the exterior. Plantation shutters not only look great on the inside of your home, but they can also create beautiful exterior lighting effects. As the sun begins to set and you turn on the lights inside your home, wooden plantation shutters can give residences a warm glow when viewed from the outside.


Best of all, plantation shutters are a cost-effective way to change the lighting of your home. Unlike expensive lamps or overhead lighting, these shutters can serve multiple functions and are available in every price range.