There are times when standard, one-size fits all blinds and shutters right from the factory simply are not going to ‘fit’ the bill—literally. Plenty of our customers at Colorado Shade and Shutter know that plantation blinds are a great option for many different areas inside the home, but what about those special jobs? If you have your heart set on plantation blinds, but the location demands some special treatment, we are happy to offer custom designs.


One of the main reasons that plantation shutters continue to be so popular is because of their design. These shutters are versatile and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors to fit the look and feel of any home or room. They offer a classic and timeless aesthetic that will instantly improve and complement the interior decoration of different interior spaces. All of these positive attributes are improved for custom plantation blinds, which can be made to fit nonstandard windows.


Custom plantation blinds are the perfect way to accent and highlight unique windows. A rounded window with cross members, an elegant circle-top piece, a large bay window that is the centerpiece of a room—these are all great areas to consider elegant built-to-order plantation blinds. Unique windows bring a real sense of personality to interior spaces, and adding personalized blinds to these areas will accentuate that impact. Of course, the wide range of options available for standard plantation blinds will still be available, so feel free to consider different finishes and materials.


One of the best parts about these custom pieces is that they bring along all of the great features of plantation blinds that have stood the test of time. Quick opening and closing via large louvers, easy control over natural lighting, and optional cooling with outside air will all still be at your fingertips. None of these great features will be sacrificed by choosing a custom-made set of blinds. Other shutters made for special window designs often come with compromised function, but not plantation blinds. 


Our staff at Colorado Shade and Shutter are more than happy to provide customers with quick and easy consultations. If you are considering a custom set of blinds, we would love to walk you through costs, construction schedules and installation. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email, and we can take a look at the windows you are looking to improve!