It’s that time of the year again when the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, inside and outside. Summertime means that plenty of our clients at Colorado Shade and Shutter are looking for new ways to keep the inside of their homes and apartments cool during the long days. One of the best and most design-friendly ways to achieve this during the summer is by using plantation blinds. Let’s have a look at four ways these are the perfect lighting option during warmer months.


Plantation blinds come in a wide range of different styles, finishes and materials while still maintaining the same classic design that homeowners love. Lighter colored woods or white finishes are ideal for reflecting sunlight during the warmer months, and will add warmth and a refreshing atmosphere to the inside of your home. The versatility of these blinds make them a great fit for all seasons, especially hot summer months.


Unlike smaller blinds and shutters, plantation shutters are an excellent physical barrier. A great deal of the heat generated inside your home during the summer comes from the greenhouse effect of light passing through windows. With their chunkier size, plantation shutters are able to block out some light, depending on how you orient them when you adjust the louvers. Size also means that when you decide to open them to bring fresh air inside, the relief of cool air is immediate.


There is just no beating the authentic look and feel of plantation shutters during the summer. They were after all designed for homes in warm Southern climates. Leaving the louvers angled down during hot afternoons leaves rooms awash in natural light, while still offering the benefits of fresh air circulation if you so choose. Colorado Shade and Shutter offers plantation blinds in a huge range of styles and options that are sure to fit your interior design needs.

Form First

This is of course the 21st century, and plenty of homeowners are not in need of blinds that help circulate fresh air. If you home or apartment is air conditioned, plantation shutters are still a great option. They still offer the benefit of being able to quickly and effectively shut out warming light. If you are planning to stay cool with central air and want to choose blinds on form over function, plantation shutters are still a great choice.