One positive take away from the difficult year caused by COVID-19 has been the extra time homeowners have had to improve their properties. With many people working from home or moving to a new location during the pandemic, home improvement projects of all kinds have been on the rise. In many cases, simple changes can often make the biggest difference, like a new lighting solution. One of the best ways to bring new life to the inside of your home is with plantation shutters. Let’s take a look at five reasons they may be the perfect fit for you. 


At the risk of stating the obvious, plantation shutters have stood the test of time when it comes to their style. These sturdy blinds come in a wide range of colors, finishes and styles which allow them to fit perfectly into almost any interior space. Regardless of the exterior climate and general decor of your home, plantation shutters are a great choice for improving the interior feel of one or more rooms.


Unlike other blinds that can rip, tear or just suffer from time spent on a window, plantation shutters have a long life ahead of them. Many of today’s top brands include warranties, but even so, the sturdy wood or composite panels of these shutters will stand the test of time. If you have children or pets, you won’t have to worry about dings or scratches on your shutters. Repainting and refinishing means that these often last a lifetime, and can also protect your windows from errant dog paws or thrown toys. 


Going hand-in-hand with the durability of this lighting option is the security factor. Unlike blackout blinds or other cloth blinds, plantation blinds are a substantial physical barrier. In addition to protecting your windows on the inside, they also offer another layer of protection from the outside. This includes not only break-ins, but protection from other issues like high winds, storms or foreign objects.


There is a tendency to focus on shutters as a way to control the light that enters your home, understandably, but they are also equally important for controlling air. Plantation blinds, which fit tightly into the window frame and can be adjusted easily, are a great option for heating and cooling the interior of your home. They can be easily opened during nice weather to allow cool air inside, and are an important barrier to hold in warm air when closed all the way.


Finally and simply, people want plantation shutters! If you are considering selling your home at any point in the future, they are a great way to entice buyers and increase your value on the market.