Many consumers love the look of plantation shutters. However, you may not realize that these shutters are more than a decorative accent. Plantation shutters help add an extra layer of security to your home. We all want to keep our homes and families as safe as possible; plantation shutters are an attractive way to get some added security. 

Keep valuables out of view

Plantation shutters add a barrier to keep prying out prying eyes. You can adjust the slats to let the sunshine in while still keeping your valuables hidden. Criminals can easily see through curtains to see what is in your home. If they see something they want, they may be tempted to break in to get it. But if they can’t see what is inside, it’s often not worth the risk of breaking in.

Protect your family’s privacy

  • At night when your family is inside your home, it’s easy for those outside to see in through the curtains.
  • People cannot see through your shutters. Your family feels free to enjoy their home without worrying about who is watching from the street.
  • Leave your shutters open to let more light in during the day and then close them completely at night.

Criminals don’t want to get caught

Studies have shown that a criminal intent on breaking into a home or business will choose the easiest building. They want to get in and get out. Plantation shutters add an additional barrier to their entry and exit.

  • Breaking through a window takes seconds.
  • Having to get through shutters can add a minute or more to the time it takes to get inside.
  • If one house has plantation shutters, and the next house only has curtains or shades, the house with just the curtains or shade is more attractive to burglars. 
  • If someone was foolish enough to try breaking through the wooden slats, it gives law enforcement time to get there and grab them. 

Plantation shutters are an excellent way to add beauty, visual appeal, and security to your home. Use them together with a complete security system for an added layer of protection, or use them on their own as a strong deterrent for those who may try to enter your home without permission. Add some outdoor lighting to brighten up dark outdoor areas for even more security.