Custom plantation shutters are versatile and functional elements which greatly revive the appearance of virtually any interior room. With boundless style options available, there are plantation shutters for every aesthetic. When it comes to materials, however, the choice may not be as straightforward. Depending on which room you’d like your plantation shutters, as well as specific design elements in your home’s interior, you will be presented with a wide array of material types. In this post, the Colorado Shade and Shutter team have compiled information on the best types of materials to comprise your plantation shutters and the benefits of each one depending on your lifestyle needs. 


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a firm, plastic medium which is smooth and lightweight. One of the most desirable aspects of PVC plantation shutters are their flexibility and durability against wear and tear. The composition of PVC is not porous or brittle, unlike wood and other materials. 


There are a variety of types of wood to choose from when considering plantation shutters. Composite wood is a popular choice due to its low price point. For a more elevated appearance as well as enhanced durability, many homeowners enjoy alder, cedar or basswood. Unlike composite wood, these materials are sourced from stronger wood which is compressed. Laminate wood is another popular choice due to its ability to resist warping in the presence of moisture and heat. Kitchen shutters are often made of laminate wood. 

Medium Density Fiber 

A mix of sawdust and binding agents, medium density fiber (MDF) is another budget-friendly option for effortlessly chic plantation shutters. While not as durable as laminate wood, MDF is equally warp-resistant due to the compressed sawdust. 

The perks of plantation shutters are certainly numerous, but the material you choose can be influenced by a variety of factors. Choosing the right material based on your lifestyle, interior design preferences can be tricky. Our experts discuss your shutter options and assist you in choosing what’s best for you! Contact us today!