A series of severe weather events and record-breaking temperatures have been reported nationwide, and home damages have accounted for millions of dollars in losses for homeowners. Broken windows, water and interior damage are some of the most commonly claimed incidents after an event such as a hurricane, tornado, or severe thunderstorm. Colorado Shade and Shutter has prepared this blog with tips for preparing and securing your home’s interior, as well as your stylish and customized plantation shutters, in advance of various forms of extreme weather so you can safeguard your home–inside and out!

Interior Shutters Versus Exterior Shutters

Colorado Shade and Shutter offers a vast assortment of custom interior shutters, featuring specialized styles and installation points. We first must distinguish our interior shutters from the exterior shutters used to protect windows from strong winds. Hurricane shutters are exterior shutters often made of metal or strong plastics and are designed to be installed on the outside of the home. Our shutters are installed on the interior of the home, as an accent to windows, and function by offering full or partial light blocking. 

Securing Your Windows and Protecting Your Custom Interior Shutters 

A broken window and some rain damage can create the perfect storm of costly repairs and endless maintenance. Replacing the broken window (and possibly the window sill and surround wall), as well as drying up water which made its way into the interior is stressful and spares no expense. To make matters worse, your custom-designed plantation style or interior shutters can be damaged by weather-related incidents. Protect the lifespan of your custom plantation shutters by securing your windows with translucent, weather-safe tape. Install exterior shutters which may be expanded and secured as needed. For protection from potential water damage, rub a light coating of beeswax over the entirety of your interior shutters. Not only will this provide an impermeable layer to lock out moisture, but it will also make your wooden shutters look shiny and rejuvenated. 

At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we pride ourselves on providing you with endless options of plantation style shutters and helping you find a perfect fit for your home’s interior. We appreciate the care you place into your home’s design, and happily offer installation services and consultations to better answer your questions and address your needs. For more information, visit our regularly updated blog