If there’s anything that can make or break the attitudes in your family, it is sleep! When the members of your family are getting good sleep, you can enjoy each other’s company and be ready to tackle the tasks of each day.

However, poor sleep is associated with a variety of mental, emotional, and physical issues, from a poor attention span to general irritability and a lowered immune system. High quality, attractive plantation shutters can promote an environment of quality sleep for each person in your household.

What Factors Are Needed for Good Sleep?

The two most important environmental factors that affect sleep are temperature and lighting levels. Although you might not be able to control everything that affects your sleep, fortunately, these are things that you can control!

In order to encourage good sleep, you want to sleep in a room that is cool. Studies have shown that a temperature of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit provides the optimal sleeping environment. When you are overheated, your body finds it much more difficult to relax and settle down for sleep.

In addition, you want a room that is dark and free from lighting distractions. Do your best to avoid bright light exposure right before bed, especially the light that is given off from electronic devices. Darkness tells your body that wake time is over and it’s time to sleep.

How Can Plantation Shutters Help?

Since a dark, cool environment is important for sleep, the good news is that interior plantation shutters can help with both of these aspects! Your custom shutters allow to let exactly the amount of light into your room that you want, so you can open them in the morning to let in natural sunlight, and close them when it’s time for bed for a peaceful, dark environment.

In addition, plantation shutters help improve the energy efficiency of your space. Sunlight can quickly heat up your home, and you can prevent unwanted heat from entering your room by keeping the shutters closed when the room is not in use during the day. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of custom shutters for your sleep and your home, we encourage you to contact us. The Colorado Shade and Shutter team would love to work with you to create durable window coverings that are both functional and attractive.