You look forward to summer approaching every year because of the slower pace of life, time with family and friends, and the warm, sunny weather. There is a lot to love about the abundant sunshine and longer days, but more sunshine isn’t good news when it comes to your home. The increased sunshine entering your home can quickly cause both the temperature and the energy costs in your home to rise. 

Installing plantation shutters is an excellent way to keep your home cool and comfortable without detracting from its beauty.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Before you can decide whether or not plantation shutters are a good choice for your home, you need to understand what they actually are. Plantation shutters are built-in shutters that are customized to the specific size and style of your space. They have wider louvers than traditional shutters, which gives them a luxurious look.

Every home is different, and plantation shutters can be customized to meet both your needs and your budget. Made from genuine, quality wood, you can choose sturdy shutters in a variety of wood grains and finishes. Crisp white is a popular choice in many spaces, while the traditional wood look offers an upscale feel. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters?

Perhaps the most popular benefit of plantation shutters is their longevity. While traditional blinds can wear out or break within 5 years, quality plantation shutters can last for several decades without losing their beauty or functionality. These shutters often require a larger purchase investment upfront, but not having to replace them for a long time makes up for the higher cost.

As summer approaches each year, you are sure to appreciate the energy savings earned by installing plantation shutters. When the shutters are closed, they block harmful UV rays from entering your home. This keeps items such as furnishings and rugs from fading, and also helps to keep your home’s temperature stable. 

The same principle is also true during winter as plantation shutters open to let the sunlight in to warm your space. They serve as insulators all year round to minimize temperature fluctuations and keep your energy costs at a reasonable level. 

When you are deciding on window coverings this summer, don’t forget to check out plantation shutters. They become an asset to the beauty of a room instead of just increasing functionality, thus making them a wise long-term investment. 

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