In the 21st century, automation is becoming the standard in everything from cars to communications to homes. We can tell our tv to play our favorite song or use our cell phones to have food delivered as we arrive home. Why not automate your window treatments so that you can adjust your environment without running around to each window? We can set the air conditioner temperature with our cell phone, why should changing the position of your shutters be any more difficult?

At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we can add a motor to just about any product we install to save you time and energy as you adjust your windows to be just right. You may be wondering why this is necessary, or even why it would be desirable—do we really need another excuse to sit on the couch and control our world with just our fingers? If you have gotten to a point in your life when going to each window to adjust it multiple times per day feels like a major physical burden, motorized shades and shutters would be a perfect way to maintain your home just how you want it without taxing your body. Even if you are perfectly in shape, it can feel tedious to change the settings of your windows constantly with the moving sun and changing temperatures inside and out, especially if you are feeling under the weather, injured, or just plain tired.

Windows are not mobile. We all know this. We also know that sometimes it isn’t practical to make every shade and shutter in your home perfectly accessible at all times. Don’t climb around on your furniture every day or squeeze into a tight spot to adjust your home’s environment, control it from the safety, comfort, and superior vantage point that you choose.

We want our shades and shutters to fit you and your home perfectly, and we know that perfection requires vigilance. We have probably all been in a situation where we know it is getting a bit too hot or the lighting is a bit too dim, but rather than get up and to shade ourselves more or let more light in, we sit in an increasingly uncomfortable situation far longer than we ought to. Our motorization systems eliminate the need for this scenario. Don’t choose between being uncomfortable in an incorrectly lit or ventilated room or being uncomfortable reaching each window shade.

The sun moves throughout the day, and with motorization, so can your window treatments. Whether it’s plantation shutters, shades, or blinds, you can update your home to be perfectly adjustable at all times. Save your energy for the things that really matter without sacrificing your ideal home environment.