The needs of every home are going to be different when it comes to finding the perfect window treatments. There are of course the usual considerations of function, which are a great starting point. How much light do I want to let in? What size and shape of window am I looking to treat? Do I want automatic or manual operation? Beyond the answers to these basic questions is where the difference can truly to be made when it comes to improving the interior feel of your home. Finding the right style, color, and material of window solution for your living space is what ends up making the difference between functional treatments and excellent ones. One of the best places to start in your search for treatments is to try and form a mental picture. Think about how you would like a room to look and feel when you are using it.



The obvious place to start when it comes to treating a window is light. All of the windows inside your home offer a chance to control the both the quality and the quantity of the light that enters from outside. The first thing to think about for a treatment is how the light in a room is going to be used. Will full, natural light be preferred all of the time? Some of the time? How are you likely to want to adjust the light in the room? How often? All of these types of questions have answers from different window treatments, so make sure to have them in mind before you make any final decisions.



Two other keys to keep in mind before we get into the difference between shutters and shades is styling and price. If there is an overall design style for your home that you would like to maintain with your window treatments, that is probably going to narrow your options. This can actually ending up being a help in the long run, because sticking to one style or color will often make things easier. Budget is also important to think about. In most cases, you will always be able to find an attractive and usable window treatment regardless of your budget, but may just end up having to make changes in style or material.



For many homes and customers, the look and style of shutters makes them a must-have window treatment. Shutters come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colors and can be selected to accent different home designs ranging from colonial to modern. There is no substitute for classically styled plantations shutters to lighten up a colorful kitchen or living area, or the front room of a beach house. Raw wood shutters can also be the perfect accent to a rustic cabin or hunting lodge. People tend to associate shutters with one style of home or another, but with today’s vast selection there are options that will fit in with any situation. The same goes for sizing and fitting. One of the main issues steering homeowners away from shutters in the past has been the hassle of installation and fitting. Our staff at Colorado Shade and Shutter have years of experience in fitting and framing shutters, and will be happy to help with any installation issues.



Many of the rooms in your home are going to need window treatments whose primary function is to easily manage light levels. Interior spaces such as bedrooms and work areas in particular are areas where full-coverage shades are a perfect fit. Our selection of shades are offered in a variety of colors and materials that will fit into any budget and design criteria. These treatments are great for rooms that will often need to spend time in complete darkness, such as home theaters and sleeping areas. Many of our products can be installed with easy to use remote access, allowing you to transition from full natural light to complete darkness in a matter of seconds. Window shades do not always have to be about excluding light, of course. Our woven bamboo and reed lines are great for introducing warm natural light into sitting rooms and kitchens, and helping to accent natural wood interiors and floors.