Protect Yourself from Summer Heat and Light with Shutters


Don’t let another summer creep up on you and with it the sweltering heat and glaring sunlight that may come with it. We all have that corner of the house that may look great but is absolutely unbearable in direct sun, a corner that we only visit for 20 seconds at a time for 8 months out of the year. It feels about 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the house, and no matter how high you crank the fans, it never reaches inhabitable temperatures—at least not in the daytime.


Or maybe you don’t fear the heat, you await it eagerly through the dark months of winter. Maybe it’s that new sofa you bought last fall or that new rug you brought back from vacation. Sunlight is a wonderful and powerful thing, but it can also be very destructive to us and our belongings. If your rooms aren’t properly shaded, too much direct sun will cause bleaching and embrittlement in all the wrong places. Think of your grandmother’s old blue couch – when you peel back the arm rest covers reveals it was once about 100 shades deeper blue.


Make this the summer that you protect your investments by installing the right kind of window treatments. Fortunately, there are tons of options these days that won’t jeopardize your aesthetic, or your budget. Shutters provide excellent control in hot summer months for both temperature and light exposure. Don’t think of those shutters all over 1980s America that do little other than add a touch of color to an exterior; modern options like plantation shutters are fully functioning from the interior for a beautiful look and adjustability in both the hinge and louver mechanisms.


You may not want something that will block light throughout the entire year, or something that will be a pain to adjust anytime you want to moderate your lighting. Blinds and curtains can provide relief but can be a bit finicky and can’t always adjust to the perfect amount of light for the right time of day or season. There are many different options available these days for shutters: you can fully open and close some, adjust the slats on most, or have shutters that only cover half your window so you can decide what part of your house requires which kind of light exposure or protection. Shutters can turn an overheated area into an oasis of shade and cool, not to mention add some flair to your home.


With functioning shutters, you can choose when to allow in sunlight, when things cool down and you want the added heat or when you are actually in a room and want to enjoy the natural light. Plantation shutters can let in maximum sunlight or as little light as you wish, offering a protective shade on your belongings to keep them looking and functioning their best for longer. Just remember to get them before the serious heat and bleaching sun are at their peak this summer!