Plantation Shutters offer many benefits to any home. They add a level of elegant style to any room. They can also make your home more energy efficient, which could save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

If you are thinking about adding plantation shutter to your windows, you are probably eager to get them installed quickly. However, in order to ensure you are getting the right shutters for your home, there are a few things that you must consider first.

Here is a list of the top four questions that you should be asking yourself before you buy your Plantation Shutters:

1.) What Style of Shutter is Right for my Windows?

When choosing Plantation Shutters, you have a few different style options to choose from. Your own personal style and taste are obviously going to play a role when choosing a shutter style. Something else to consider, however, would be practicality and versatility.

Here is a list of three different style options:

  •   Cafe Style Shutters covers half of the window. With the bottom half of the window covered, you have an added level of privacy. The top half remains open, allowing natural light to flow into the room.
  •   Full Height Shutters cover the entire length of the window. These shutters combine versatility with classic style, giving you full control of the amount of light that comes into the room.
  •   Double Hung Shutters are a cross between the full height shutters and the cafe-style shutters. With this style, the bottom half and the top half of the shutter are not connected to each other. This style allows you to have a full-length shutter whenever you want. You also have the option of folding the top half back, creating a cafe-styled feel to it.

2.) Where Should I Mount my Shutters?

There are two different ways to mount your Plantation Shutters: An Inside Mount, and an Outside Mount.

For an inside mount, the mounting of the shutter takes place on the inside of the window frame. In order to have an inside mount, you will need to make sure that your windows are square. You will also need to confirm that there is adequate space inside of the window frame to secure the shutter.

Do you want your windows to look fuller and have more definition? Choose to mount the shutter directly to the wall.

3.) What Louver Size Would Look Best?

Louver sizes are really more about your own personal style preference. For a smaller window, you may want to choose smaller louver slats for your shutters. For larger windows that provide a nice outside view, you may want to choose larger slats for your shutters.

At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we have a variety of louver sizes to fit every window and every style. Our louver sizes start at 1 7/8″, and go all the way up to 5 1/2″.

4.) What Type of Tilt Rod Should my Shutters Have?

Whether you choose center rods or hidden rods, this is another decision that is completely based on what you think looks best.

A center rod, like the name suggests, has a tilt rod that runs down the center of the shutter. This allows the shutters to have a more traditional look. It also proved an easy way to move the louvers up and down all at once.

The hidden rod option gives the shutters a more modern look. With this option, the rod is conveniently placed behind the shutters where they are not visible.

Plantation shutters are a classic way to add style to your home. No matter what size or shape your windows are, we have the perfect shutter to fit your needs.

If you are still having a hard time deciding what style of shutters to get, then feel free to contact us today. At Colorado Shade and Shutter, we provide a comprehensive home estimate. We can talk to you about your window options so that you can make a well-informed decision when choosing new shutters for your home.