Window treatments can add value and appeal to the home. They offer just the right amount of light and can be tailored to fit any room in your home. But have you taken a gander at your window treatments lately? Not just a light dusting during a routine house cleaning, but actually tested the functionality? Chances are, they need some attention. On average, most people replace their blinds every seven years, whether they’re outdated or showing visible signs of wear and tear. How long since you’ve changed your blinds? These quick tips will give you hints that you might be overlooking.

1. Discoloration

Over time, your interior shutters experience some wear, especially because their prime responsibility is to retract sunlight. In this process, the sun’s rays eventually turn those beautiful, clean white shades an unsightly hue of yellow. Discolored blinds aren’t just due to the sun’s UV rays but material deterioration. Eventually, your blinds will lose their integrated structure. Nowadays, you can find UV-treated blinds that last longer.

2. They Won’t Close

Another telltale sign of outdated window treatments is the inability to completely close. When you turn down the blinds, they should leave no room for outside light to leak through. If you are still experiencing some outside light or you feel you have to keep adjusting the slats, you could have a problem with the tilt mechanism. Replacing the tilt mechanism is a time-consuming task resulting in re-stringing the blinds. Instead, let a professional take appropriate measurements and make the adjustments necessary for your window frame.

3. They Open Easily for Children

Old blinds often accompany frayed and unattached cords, resulting in loose hanging cords and a potential hazard for the inquisitive child. For the child’s safety, it is vital to have cordless plantation shutters or drapes to prevent injury. The slats shouldn’t be flimsy enough to entice a child to toy with them with, and cordless roller shades work efficiently for shading as well.

4. They Simply Don’t Fit In

Solid and functional window treatments offer full coverage, day and night. You may have a great pair of shades, but if they aren’t measured to fit the window space, they are useless. As part of professional installation, an expert will measure the frame and suggest the best window treatments.

5. New Windows

Out with the old, in with the new, and when it comes to home renovations, the windows are usually the first to get a makeover. If you just had your windows replaced, chances are your old blinds will not fit correctly. Once replaced, new windows can have less depth, making the current blinds feel out of place and maybe too wide or not wide enough. This is usually an indicator that you need new blinds. If you’re unsure about the size or fit of your current blinds with your new windows, ask a professional for guidance.

Your window treatments are designed to provide adequate shade in the heat of summer and keep the cool air out in the winter. Maybe it’s time to hand it over to a professional contractor when you’re looking to replace your window treatments.